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18 June 2018 

Out Door:0 Emergency:768 Indoor:18 Medico Legal Cases:02 Postmortem:0 Surgeries:0 Referral Cases:0

17 June 2018 

Out Door:0 Emergency:785 Indoor:11 Medico Legal Cases:03 Postmortem:0 Surgeries:0 Referral Cases:0

16 June 2018 

Out Door:0 Emergency:706 Indoor:07 Medico Legal Cases:0 Postmortem:0 Surgeries:0 Referral Cases:0

15 June 2018 

Out Door:0 Emergency:690 Indoor:12 Medico Legal Cases:0 Postmortem:0 Surgeries:0 Referral Cases:0

14 June 2018 

Out Door:465 Emergency:546 Indoor:21 Medico Legal Cases:02 Postmortem:0 Surgeries:03 Referral Cases:01

13 June 2018 

Out Door:721 Emergency:549 Indoor:18 Medico Legal Cases:01 Postmortem:0 Surgeries:04 Referral Cases:01

12 June 2018 

Out Door:806 Emergency:556 Indoor:19 Medico Legal Cases:04 Postmortem:0 Surgeries:01 Referral Cases:01

11 June 2018 

Out Door:986 Emergency:584 Indoor:27 Medico Legal Cases:02 Postmortem:0 Surgeries:02 Referral Cases:05

10 June 2018 

Out Door:0 Emergency:446 Indoor:12 Medico Legal Cases:06 Postmortem:0 Surgeries:02 Referral Cases:03

09 June 2018 

Out Door:833 Emergency:406 Indoor:25 Medico Legal Cases:01 Postmortem:0 Surgeries:02 Referral Cases:01

About Us

Tehsil  Ahmadpur  East  is   the  biggest  Tehsil  of  Punjab  province  having  two constituencies of National Assembly and three constituencies of provincial assembly based on   31 Nos. Union Councils. Tehsil Headquarter Hospital is only main hospital which is providing health facilities to the inhabitants of the whole area.

This hospital was established as Zanana Hospital in 1945 and was built by  Mrs. Marden. The construction of new building constituting the Out Patient Department and Administrative Officer were completed on 10th of May, 2003. Trauma Unit, Cardiac Care Unit and Dialysis Unit were established afterwards in 2007.

Total Area of the Hospital 84 Canals

Covered Area 1,26,729 Sq Feet